So Much Cooler Than Dracula, and Other Monster Aca


Who would have guessed that monsters would be addicted to blogging? I certainly wouldn’t have. Just like I didn’t guess that the innocent Lusus Naturae Academy my mother signed me up for was really a boarding school for paranormal creatures! With teenage mood swings! I joined up for the tech squad, so now I’m stuck managing my crazy peer’s blogs, since I can’t seem to get home. The phones don’t work, the mailman got eaten last year, and we’re a hundred miles from anything resembling society. But I will get escape! In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to entertain myself with these blogs. They’re pretty funny sometimes, if you can get past the terrifying blood-drinking blogger factor. But believe me,I will get out of here someday. It’ll take time, but I won’t give up. So until then, we can pass the time together, laughing at my classmates wierd lives. And if anyone sees my mom, tell her to please, please get me out of here!


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About author

Being the tech squad director at my new boarding school sounded like such a good idea at the time. I just wish someone had told me it was a school for monsters! And trust me, these aren't the dashing Cullens and happy werewolves you'd expect. These are the real deal. So now I'm stuck managing the blogs of my peers: a sarcastic vampire, a cocky werewolf, a socially awkward Yeti, and a perpetually whinny banshee. But I don't need to tell you. Just read there blogs. At least it will be a good laugh. And then afterwords, please, please, please, someone out there: Get me out of here. I wan't OUT! HELP!







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